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Consumption of Ornamental Plants and the Initial Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic




Floriculture, coronavirus, landscaping, cut flower


The importance of ornamental plants goes from the aesthetic issue to the improvement of climatic conditions in the environments, with beneficial effects on human health. The market for flowers and ornamental plants had a drastic reduction due to the isolation and social distance required with the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic in many cities in Brazil and the world. The objective was to characterize ornamental plants consumption and to estimate the pandemic initial effects. Through an online questionnaire, quantitative data were collected regarding the profile characterization of 537 consumers, the consumption habit, and the purchase of ornamental plants to verify the initial effect of the pandemic (April/May 2020) on the final consumer of ornamental plants. The questionnaire was available on google forms, being disseminated via e-mail and social networks to as many people as possible. According to the results, there is a preference for potted plants, mainly orchids, and succulents, acquired especially in flower shops, considering as the main attributes for the purchase, the visual appearance, and the price. The ornamental plants’ purchase frequency is especially biannual, despite their strong relationship with people’s quality of life. The social isolation resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic caused changes in habits, leading to a greater need to have plants at home, thus increasing the consumption of ornamental plants and the preference for local production. 







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